Climbing Wall

Activity Session - Climbing Wall 

Our 15m purpose built Climbing wall provides an excellent opportunity for children to develop climbing skills and build confidence. With 8 different climbs on the two sides of the climbing wall, each numbered climb increasing in difficulty level. 

Challenge by choice is rewarding and supporting individuals when they make the choice to climb the climbing wall whether it’s to the very top or just half way. We always ensure the individual feels supported that they have completed their own personal challenge. Participants have a safety brief before starting the activity and for the climbing wall they will be working as part of a team and helping from the ground to release the right amount of rope under instructors guidance to help their team mates venture up the climbing wall and then bringing them back down to the ground. 

One side of the climbing wall is slightly angled for an easier climb and for those beginner climbers and the other side is vertical for those who want an extra challenge as they progress. A great all-rounder activity. 

Key learning Objectives 

-    Self–confidence 

-    Challenge by choice

-    Empowering and supporting the rest of team


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