Our Philosophy

We recognise each child is unique. To develop emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically a child needs a secure, organised, stimulating environment. It is our aim to assist schools in enabling all children to achieve their full potential through positive, enjoyable activity and reflection.

Our Beliefs and Ethos

Challenge by choice

This is a central feature of our programmes allowing children to take responsibility of their own development with support and guidance from their group and our instructors. We believe this approach creates a far safer and richer experience. 

Children are asked to commit to the Hilltop Philosophy (as described above), they are then offer and encourage to choose enjoyable challenges, set achievable targets and face apparent risks, appropriate to their ability.  We work hard to ensure each child’s experience is positive and encourages future development. We review and celebrate their achievements whilst also looking forward towards the next challenge. 

Activity and involvement

We believe in learning through discovery and practical activity. We work in small groups giving plenty of time for children to explore the challenges. When not in action children are responsible for the safety and development of their peers whilst offering appropriate support. We start at a level that everyone can achieve and then look to develop each child thereafter.

Review and Reflection

We believe all activities should be introduced carefully and followed by a brief reflection on achievements both individually and in groups. Feedback is always 

simple, positive and linked to wider aspects of life.


We believe that children learn best whilst they are having fun and maybe get a deeper sense of enjoyment.  We work hard to ensure each child has a sense of wellbeing.

Residential aspects

Our simple ‘big family’ style centres with a sound common sense approach is designed to encourage social awareness, respect for others and responsibility for the group. 

We provide and encourage a positive, caring and supportive community feel.


We train our staff in the hard and soft skills required and have an ongoing process to provide the supportive and challenging environment required for learning. Our staff have good group control, are patient, positive, confident, reliable, safe, and have great empathy with children.

Hilltop words



Self Esteem