Tree Top Trail

Activity Session - Tree Top Trail 

Our tree top trail is our most loved activity here at Hilltop and consists of a variety of bridges, walkways and obstacles, up to 10m high. 
Children will be taking responsibility into their own hands by taking themselves around the trail with the guidance of instructor and we have in place a specific device which allows children to be completely safe at all times but enjoy the freedom and responsibility of taking themselves around the tree top trail. 

All children will have a safety brief on how to use our devices and particular systems. We will show them how to use the systems along with the use of their harness and they will be given a chance to practice the skills they have been taught which is demonstrated on a specific training wire which reassembles the tree top trail. Children are required to attach themselves to each section of the trail and are unable to continue along the course without securing themselves onto the next element before unclipping from the previous element meaning they are always clipped onto the previous or the next element. 

Our tree top trail gives out stunning views over Hilltop and is situated next to the climbing wall and really is a sight for some eyes, especially when the sun is shining! Over 10’s can finish the tree top trail by a slide down the small zip wire to end their activity session. 

Key learning Objectives 

-    Take responsibility to attach to safety wires

-    Reacting positively to risk taking 

-    Helping and supporting team members 


Duration – 3 Hours


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