Power Fan

Activity Session - Power Fan

Our power fan is situated at the top of the climbing wall and is opposite the abseiling platform. 

An adrenaline rush surges as you step closer to the edge of the platform about to make your descent down to the ground. The nearer to the ground you get, the slower you will move. 
The Power fan also known as the fan descender has no motor, It works by dissipating the energy created by a descending person by the means of the fan. 

The power fan was originally used by the military to simulate parachute landings for training proposes. This activity gives the feel of free falling without needing a parachute or being attached to a bungee jump rope. All participants can free fall in a controlled and safe environment whilst enjoying the aspect of this unique activity.

Key learning Objectives 

-    Support team members

-    Personal challenge

-    Bravery and courage 



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