Longshore Drift

Discovery Session -  Longshore Drift

Based at Sheringham, a more in-depth study of coastal erosion, taking a closer look at differing processes as well as how the fetch contributes to the development of longshore drift. With measuring poles, we examine the beach sediment trapped around the groynes and plot graphs back at Hilltop to look at the overall affect the sea has on the direction of movement.


We are most known for our ‘Out of the classroom’ outlook on studying. We have always used local locations and environments to bring student into direct contact with geographical or environmental issues in a fun way, giving opportunities or discovery. 


Key Learning Objectives 

-    Communication and brainstorming

-    Learning outside the classroom

-    Environmental awareness

Transport, Offsite Activities & Visits

All offsite visits are very local to Hilltop and on A & B roads. Group leaders are covered by Hilltop insurance if they are over the age of 21 and have a full clean driving licence. On arrival you will be required to complete a transport policy form and you shall receive a vehicle familiarisation brief from the Hilltop Staff. 


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