Pond Dipping

Discovery Session -  Pond Life 

Magnifying glass at the ready!

Armed with magnifying glasses and nets you will be getting wet, slimy and collecting samples from our pond, to transfer it into our purpose made viewing area to see what has been captured. You will make countless amounts of discoveries of aquatic creatures such as tadpoles, newts, dragonfly nymphs, water boatman and many more (time of year dependent!). Armed with a key, identification is top of the list of scientific based skills followed by discussions of food chains, habitats and lifecycles. Based on-site, this is the perfect activity for children to discover natural environment without leaving the Hilltop site.

We have an ‘Out of the classroom’ outlook on studying. We have always used local locations and environments to bring student into direct contact with geographical or environmental issues in a fun way, giving opportunities or discovery. 

Key Learning Objectives 

-    Communication and brainstorming

-    Learning outside the classroom

-    Environmental awareness


Hilltop Centre Facilities

Relax and take in the beautiful woodland setting of Hilltop, situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty overlooking the North Norfolk Coastline. Based at our woodland Lodge centre which is in keeping with its natural surroundings, we trust you'll be pleasantly surprised by the modern, well cared for centre. Our helpful and friendly team are dedicated to your group to ensure your day is a real success.