Woodland Life

Discovery Session – Woodland Life

Make sure you have your reservations at the ready, we are checking in to the Bug Hotel!

Discover, investigate and learn about habitats natural to the area around us, looking at differing types of woodlands and how they adapt to survive in the UK’s changeable climate. How the children’s enjoyment of all things sugary relates back to the humble plants ability to photosynthesize and the way mini beasts can help humans survive on the planet. A woodland wide bug hunt allows exploration of a world a little smaller than our own, with plenty of decaying wood to peel apart and bug hotel to encourage as much wildlife to the area as possible. Identification of these mini beasts is done through the use of keys and magnifying glasses!

Our Bug Hotel consists of wooden blocks, pallets, concrete tunnels all constructed on site and full of nooks and crannies for all the bugs and creepy crawlies to set up camp and stay. The hope is that this will inspire some of the explorers to build their own at home or at school.

We are most known for our ‘Out of the classroom’ outlook on studying. We have always used local locations and environments to bring student into direct contact with geographical or environmental issues in a fun way, giving opportunities or discovery.

Key Learning Objectives 

-    Communication and brainstorming

-    Learning outside the classroom

-    Environmental awareness


Hilltop Centre Facilities

Relax and take in the beautiful woodland setting of Hilltop, situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty overlooking the North Norfolk Coastline. Based at our woodland Lodge centre which is in keeping with its natural surroundings, we trust you'll be pleasantly surprised by the modern, well cared for centre. Our helpful and friendly team are dedicated to your group to ensure your day is a real success.