Blakeney Point Seal Trip

Discovery Session – Blakeney Point Seal Trip

All aboard and keep an eye out!

Take a boat from Morston Quay to catch the red and white boats from Temples, the local qualified boat crew will share their local knowledge about the Seals. Both Common and Grey Seals can be seen basking on the end of Blakeney Point.

Seals usually spend 90% of their time out of water and happily basking in the sun, so you’ll be sure to spot one in North Norfolk!
The Grey seals will have their pups in the months of November and December, so the weeks following up to these months and Christmas are the best time to see them – remember to wrap up warm!

Seals will usually swim around the boat and are also known for being very inquisitive animals. Don’t forget to take picture or ask your teacher as this is the perfect time to get them in action. 

This seal trip is unquire and perfect for all ages, a rare opportunity to visit wildlife in it’s natural surroundings.

We are most known for our ‘Out of the classroom’ outlook on studying. We have always used local locations and environments to bring student into direct contact with geographical or environmental issues in a fun way, giving opportunities or discovery. 

Key Learning Objectives 

-    Working as part of a team

-    Environmental awareness

-    Communication and brainstorming

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