3D Climbing Maze

Activity Session - 3D Climbing Maze 

It’s time to get into groups of 3 make your way up the 3D Maze – if you can!
Standing on the ground, the group will be spoilt into 3 and these 3 will now climb the 3D Maze supporting, encouraging and helping each other to get to the top. 

This activity helps with trust, self-confidence and playing a big part of a team. 
On the 3D Maze you will see a small vertical climbing area, log ladders, various wires and platforms. The 3d Maze is uncommentable without the help for two other participants. 

All of 3 of them at some point during this activity will need help from the other team member and the other way around – it’s the power of 3. 
The 3D Maze is located in the heart of the Hilltop Grounds and is situated next to the High Ropes Course. 
Unsuitable for under 10’s. 

Key learning Objectives 

-    Self-confidence 

-    Trusting in each other

-    Learning to help others 

Duration – 1.5 Hours


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