Higher Education

Hilltop programmes are designed to support and enhance major sections of many Higher Education Courses. Offering a secure environment that provides the perfect opportunity for students to learn through reflecting on practical experiences.

We believe that Team Development is about:

  • Building relationships and developing trust between members
  • Recognising and utilising individual and team strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifying, addressing and removing barriers that inhibit goal achievement

Challege by Choice

Challenge by choice allows each person to be in control of his or her level of participation. It means that someone may choose to be totally involved in an activity, or may choose to sit back and watch, however it is not a simple 'opt in/out' as no matter what the level of participation an individual chooses, he or she is still part of the group.

Definition - Volunteering to be part of the group means contributing towards the group's goals and purpose. (The Challenge).

Each group member decides how they will contribute; these decisions are respected by the group. (The Choice).

We believe that be using the challenge by choice philosophy participants can find their own optimum level of development in a physically and emotionally safe environment.

Our Courses

Ensuring that we have a clear appreciation of your requirements is the key to having a successful experience at Hilltop. Through discussion we will gain a clarity and joint understanding of your aims and a feel for your organisational culture. We will then design a bespoke development programme based on this information.

Linking your aims to our activities, we create programmes that meet expectations and ensure an enjoyable, appropriately challenging and rewarding experience. We endeavor to deliver experiential learning experiences where workplace and personal metaphors are created and anchored.

We understand that our clients live in a fast paced world where time is a precious resource. At Hilltop, we have the luxury of a little more time and within our programmes we encourage delegates to take time to reflect on their personal and team performance and then share with colleagues. Reviewing through team discussion, alongside a Hilltop tutor, is a vital part of all of our programmes.

Our programmes aren't set in stone however; we are sensitive to our client's needs. Throughout the duration we gauge delegate responses and engagement and will, with client agreement, flex the programme to ensure all have the maximum opportunity to achieve.

Programme Elements

Explore our programme elements by hovering over the options below or clicking the indervidual activities above. If you want a customised programme click here to see all our Business Activities

Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) depersonalises conflict...

It's a non-threatening method for dealing with the interpersonal conflict that is too often avoided.

SDI is memorable...
It's an experiential tool promoting common sense concepts in a highly visual manner.

SDI honors our differences... It's an inventory of the unique way we value different strengths and interpret the actions of others.

SDI illuminates the reason for our actions... It's a snapshot of who we are - going beyond behaviour to reveal our driving motivation.

SDI is intended for application... It promotes interpersonal insights that are crucial to improving any situation where people interact.

Strength Deployment Inventory® (SDI)

The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) gives you an eye-opening glimpse into why people do the things that they do. People don't come along with 'user manuals' on how to get the best from them; SDI helps unlock what makes us tick. At Hilltop when you undertake an SDI programme you experience a taste of how you can improve relationships and manage conflict - personally, professionally, and socially.

For nearly four decades, the SDI assessment tool has been helping people and organisations make business and personal relationships more productive.

It's a self-assessment tool that helps people understand what gives them a sense of self-worth and what's important to them when relating with others.

The power of the SDI is how it helps people understand, firstly, that we are all different and see the world through our own filters and secondly that we have different things that will trigger conflict for us.

Centre Facilities

Delicious Food and Drinks

Arrive to a generous assortment of breakfast rolls and pastries to start off your day. Return to the centre for a luxury Buffet Lunch with homemade cakes and desserts. Enjoy a wide selection of coffees, teas, soft drinks and homemade biscuits available to you throughout the whole day.

The Environment and Atmosphere

Relax and take in the beautiful woodland setting of Hilltop, situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty overlooking the North Norfolk Coastline. Based at our woodland Lodge centre which is in keeping with its natural surroundings, we trust you'll be pleasantly surprised by the modern, well cared for centre. Our helpful and friendly team are dedicated to your group to ensure your day is a real success.


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